Psychological assistance to international students at Khmelnytskyi National University is provided free of charge.

Psychological counselling is held by the Psychologists of KhNU in English and Ukrainian.

CONTACTS of psychologists:

VASYLENKO OLENA – mob. (098) 625-13-23

e- mail:

A specialist helps: to solve the problems in learning; to improve the process of adapting international students to a new learning and leaving environments; to establish relationships with surrounding people and to form skills of effective communication; to learn how to avoid conflicts and resolve them correctly.

PODKORYTOVA LARYSA – mob. (068) 207-57-19

e- mail:

The specialist helps: to get better yourself (psychological features of character, temperament, abilities, opportunities, etc.); to learn how to understand ourselves and other people, existing experiences and problems; to form self-regulation skills.

RUDENOK ALLA – mob. (096) 545-22-60

e- mail:

A specialist helps: to learn to find a way out of problematic life situations; get rid of fears, depression, anxiety, restore mental balance, solve problems in student-teacher relationships.